Publishing Resume:

Other People’s Crazy ~ a YA novel, published by Overdue Books.

Tom and Huck—Breakin’ the Law ~ a full-length play, published by Blue Moon Plays.

Shorts and Briefs, Revised and Expanded Second Edition ~ a collection of short plays and brief principles of playwriting, published by Northampton House Press.

Austin Pendleton Recalls Jerome Robbins ~ an interview with Austin Pendleton in the publication Jerome Robbins, Vol. 4, No. 2 (2017), published by The Jerome Robbins Foundation, editor Gregory Victor.

Dallas Guilt ~ an essay, included in the anthology Dearly Beloved, published by Zoetic Press, editor Lise Quintana.

A Conversation Between Two Playwrights ~ an interview with Arthur Kopit in the publication Jerome Robbins, Vol. 3, No. 1., published by The Jerome Robbins Foundation, editor Gregory Victor.

Family of Flechner ~ a short play, included in the anthology The Best Ten-Minute Plays of 2016, published by Smith & Kraus, Inc, editor Lawrence Harbison.

Friends of Vera ~ a short story, included in the anthology The Night Bazaar, published by Northampton House Press, editor Lenore Hart.

manhood / ˈmanˌho͝od / noun ~ an essay, published by Longridge Review, Creative Nonfiction # 4, summer 2016, editor Elizabeth Gaucher.

Thanks, Dad—I Think ~ an essay, published by San Fedele Press for its journal American Writers Review, summer 2018. Also published by Diverse Voices Quarterly, volume 8, issue 28.

The Sealed Letter ~ an essay, published by University of Nebraska-Lincoln Gender Programs in their anthology of essays and poems, Being: What Makes a Man, editor Jill McCabe Johnson.

Robert Mapplethorpe’s Flowers ~ a short play, published by Wilde Magazine, Erotica Issue 1, Summer 2014.

Santino Fontana ~ an interview published by

Roast Beef and the Rare Kiss ~ a short play, published and licensed for the Netherlands and Belgium by Anco Entertainment, translated into Dutch, Frisian, and Flemish.

Stairway to Heaven ~ a short play, published by Back Stage Books: Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Presents Award-winning Plays… Also, published & licensed by Dramatic Publishing Company: 35 in 10: Thirty-Five Ten-Minute Plays.